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  • £ 52.26

    12V 15A Smart Charger Can start a flat battery in 5 minutes Microprocessor controlled 3-stage charging cycle on digital display

    £ 52.26
  • £ 34.63

    If your battery lets you down in cold weather or is struggling to turn the engine over and no-one is around to help, our Powerpack Jump Starter & Air Compressor can get you back on the road again in minutes. It has a built in light for use in dark conditions and a compressor with gauge for tyre inflation and also dinghies, footballs, paddling pools etc.

    £ 34.63
  • £ 31.13

    A top of the range Car Cover to protect your cars' paintwork, keeping it free from the elements, birds, cats, in fact anything that is likely to blemish or mark your car. If you need to leave your vehicle for a period of time, or indeed need to park where it can get easily marked, under trees for example, protect your showroom shine with our Car Cover.

    £ 31.13
  • £ 15.38

    Heavy Duty Jump Leads, with PVC insulated cable for efficient power conduction, are ideal for frequent use in a professional or semi professional environment. Built to withstand the rigours of daily use.

    £ 15.38
  • £ 13.57

    Towing another vehicle, or indeed being towed can be a difficult and stressful task and few of us have experience of doing so. Our sturdy Tow Pole solves the problem and enables safe & secure towing. It is also illegal to tow on a Motorway with a standard tow rope and can be dangerous anywhere unless you are trained, so be safe and be prepared,...

    £ 13.57
  • £ 11.39

    Avoid that horrible feeling when you jump into your car and the battery is drained. Our high quality Jump Leads help start your vehicle started quickly and easlily from a donor vehicle, or you may act as a donor vehicle to assist someone else.

    £ 11.39
  • £ 9.89

    A Mini Air Compressor for cars, light commercials, dinghies and sports eqiupment etc. A compact powerful little compressor ideal for inflating and maintaining correct tyre pressures, essential for road safety, tyre wear, correct emmissions.

    £ 9.89
  • £ 7.25

    2 Tonne Capacity Tow Rope - ideal for short distance recovery in an emergency. **If Motorway towing may be required please see important information below.**

    £ 7.25
  • £ 5.26

    UK/EU approved Warning Triangle in carry case. Stable base and highly reflective, essential for your safety in the event of breakdown, an early warning to other drivers (particularly on motorways) that your vehicle is stationary and there may be drivers and/or passengers nearby.  A legal requirement in many European Countries.

    £ 5.26
  • £ 3.99

    Small Single Person First Aid Kit in a handy Zip Top Pouch. Complies with the latest 'Blue Dot' standard for minor accidents and injuries. Suitable for Safety Kit, Glovebox, Travel Bag, European Travel and Holidays. If your work takes you out of the office this is ideal to keep in your car.

    £ 3.99
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items